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Watch the Kentucky Derby live on TV with NBC at 5:00 pm EST

BUSR is the best place you can bet on the Kentucky Derby. There are over 256 different types of bets you can place from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. You'll get great future odds with amazing payouts on the leading Kentucky Oaks and Derby horses and even the leading Jockeys and Trainers. Bet on the margin of victory, head-to-head matchups, the winning time vs Secretariat's world record, a Triple Crown contention and more.

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Future Wager Pools for the 2020 Kentucky Derby

Every year Churchill Downs gives people the opportunity to bet early on the potential Kentucky Derby horse they think will earn a spot in the starting gate and go on to win the Kentucky Derby race. These future wagers offer larger payouts than betting the same horse on race day because it is not yet known which horses will qualify to run in the race. This future wager offers 24 potential contenders to bet on. 23 are individually named horses and the 24th option is a bet on “all others”. A bet on “all others” will win if any horse other than the 23 individually named in this pool wins the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Pool 1 November 22 - 25
Kentucky Derby Pool 2 February 8 - 10
Kentucky Derby Pool 3 March 9 - 11
Kentucky Derby Pool 4 April 6 - 8

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What is a Kentucky Derby Future Wager?

By definition a "future" wager is generally something that happens in the future, you make the bet long before the sporting event sometimes weeks or months in advance. In the case of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, it provides fans with the opportunity to wager on contenders at odds that could be more attractive than those available on the day of the Kentucky Derby.

As in past years, wagering on each of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager pools will open at noon (all times Eastern) on the first day of the pool's Friday-Sunday run. Betting will conclude in the four Derby pools will conclude at 6 p.m. on Sunday. The Kentucky Derby Future Wagers are minimum $2 wagers and win bets only. The bets offer the fan the opportunity to wager on contenders for the Kentucky Derby at odds that could be greater than those they would receive on the their respective race days. There are no refunds on any of these Kentucky Derby Future Wagers.

The 146th running of the Kentucky Derby – a 1 ¼-mile test for 3-year-olds and America's greatest race – is scheduled for Sep 5th, 2020 at Churchill Downs. The $500,000-added Kentucky Oaks (GI), a 1 1/8-mile race restricted to 3-year-old fillies, will be run over the track on Friday, Sep 4th, 2020.

A total of $1,056,520 was wagered on the three Kentucky Derby Future Wager pools in 2008 as total betting on the wager topped the $1 million mark for the ninth consecutive time in its 10-year history. Wagering on the three Kentucky Oaks pools in 2008 totaled $174,838, the second highest three-pool total in the history of the bet.

"A wide open and very competitive Kentucky Derby picture is developing and Churchill Downs is excited to again offer three pools with plenty of betting value in the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, which has become part of the Derby tradition over the past decade," said Churchill Downs General Manager Jim Gates. "After careful consideration we decided to return the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager to a single-pool format and believe the March pool offers the best opportunity to present a strong roster of serious Kentucky Oaks wagering interests. We think the single-pool format will provide the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager with its best opportunity to grow and present racing fans a chance to have a lot of fun while searching for the winner of what has become the nation's most prestigious event for 3-year-old fillies."

Kentucky Derby Future Wager Statistics

Wagering Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Total
2013 $621,493 $407,039 $402,167 $1,430,699
2012 $631,304#** $411,368# $427,347# $1,470,019***#
2011 $592,492# $376,699# $392,910# $1,362,101#
2010 $466,048# $355,853# $310,154# $1,132,055#
2009 $478,721 $380,420# $377,158# $1,236,299
2008 $439,379 $325,306 $291,835 $1,056,520
2007 $520,688 $379,613 $465,123 $1,365,424
2006 $552,627 $464,236 $454,743 $1,471,606
2005 $620,362** $511,655 $533,973 $1,665,990****
2004 $536,958 $358,966 $386,244 $1,282,168
2003 $516,906 $391,002 $222,261 $1,130,169
2002 $577,889 $401,070 $524,847 $1,503,806
2001 $510,815 $372,961 $425,871 $1,309,647
2000 $465,454 $306,259 $387,206 $1,158,919
1999 $267,748 $178,811 $229,674 $676,233
**Record individual pool betting ****record three-pool wagering total # includes exacta pool

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Kentucky Derby Future Wager Mutuel Payouts

Year Winner Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Derby Day
2013 Orb $4.40 (f) $26.20 $29.60 $12.80
2012 I'll Have Another $60.20 $46.20 $45.60 $32.60
2011 Animal Kingdom $6.20 (f) $9.40 (f) $64.40 $43.80
2010 Super Saver $43.20 $51.20 $73.00 $18.00
2009 Mine That Bird $5.80 (f) * $11.80 (f) * $36.80 (f) $103.20
2008 Big Brown $8.60 (f)* $15.00 (f) $8.60* $6.80*
2007 Street Sense $22.80 $18.20 $15.40 $11.80*
2006 Barbaro $40.20 $32.20 $20.80 $14.20
2005 Giacomo $52.00 $54.20 $103.60 $102.60
2004 Smarty Jones $5.60 (f) $10.80 (f) $23.60 $10.20*
2003 Funny Cide $188.00*** $120.80 $23.60 $27.60
2002 War Emblem $7.60 (f)* $16.00 $24.00 $43.00
2001 Monarchos $36.60 $13.00 $15.80 $23.00
2000 Fusaichi Pegasus $27.80 $26.40 (f) $ 8.00* $ 6.60*
1999 Charismatic $10.20 (f)* $30.20 (f) $26.60 (f) $64.60
(f) – Mutuel field *Favorite **KDFW single pool wagering record
***Record KDFW win payout | ****KDFW total wagering (all pool) record

Kentucky Oaks Future Wager Statistics

Wagering Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Total
2011 $92,902 No Pool No Pool $92,902
2010 $61,901 No Pool No Pool $61,901
2009 $72,628 No Pool No Pool $72,628
2008 $65,219 $62,503 $47,116 $174,838
2007 $66,206 $55,840 $71,040 $193,086****
2006 $66,548 $54,054 $51,212 $171,814
2005 $69,928 $53,106 $49,445 $172,479
2004 $66,425 $46,151 $45,635 $158,211
2003 $117,368** $117,368**

Kentucky Oaks Future Wager Mutuel Payouts

Year Winner Pool 1 Pool2 Pool 3 Payout
2012 Believe You Can $74.80 No Pool No Pool $29.60
2011 Plum Pretty $21.80 (f) No Pool No Pool -
2010 Blind Luck $10.00 No Pool No Pool $4.60
2009 Rachel Alexandra $8.40 No Pool No Pool $2.60*
2008 Proud Spell $15.60 $14.20 $15.60 $8.80*
2007 Rags to Riches $9.60 $10.00* $5.00* $5.00*
2006 Lemons Forever $9.00 (f)* $11.00 (f)* $26.00 (f) $96.20
2005 Summerly $31.80 $15.00 $28.40 $11.20
2004 Ashado $48.40*** $21.00 $17.80 $6.60*
2003 Bird Town $33.60 No Pool No Pool $38.40

*Favorite **KOFW single pool wagering record ***KOFW win payout record ****KOFW total wagering (three pools) record (f) – Mutuel field, was the betting favorite on Derby Day, although he had not been favored in any of the three Kentucky Derby Future Wager pools. The mutuel field, or all others, was favored in Pools 1 and 2, while Curlin, the then-unbeaten winner of the Arkansas Derby (GII) and the eventual third-place finisher in the Kentucky Derby, was the favorite in the third and final pool. Kentucky Oaks winner Rags to Riches was a strong betting favorite on Kentucky Oaks Day, and was favored in two of 2007's three Kentucky Oaks Future Wager pools. The mutuel field was a narrow 3-1 choice over Rags to Riches (7-2) in last year's Pool 1.

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