US Presidential Election Odds
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US Presidential Election Odds

At bet ★ usracing, you can place your bets on another kind of horse race. No matter your affiliation, place your bet on who you think you will win the 2020 US Presidential Election.

- Updated December 15, 2019 05:37:26
All odds are fixed odds prices.

Will Donald Trump run for re-election in 2020?
Fractional American

Will Donald Trump be elected to a 2nd term as POTUS?
Fractional American

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- Updated December 15, 2019 05:39:26
All odds are fixed odds prices.

2020 US Presidential Election - To win
Fractional American
Donald Trump2/5-250
Bernie Sanders10/1+1000
Pete Buttigieg10/1+1000
Joe Biden7/1+700
Andrew Yang40/1+4000
Elizabeth Warren19/5+380
Tulsi Gabbard120/1+12000
Amy Klobuchar115/1+11500
Cory Booker325/1+32500
Mike Pence60/1+6000
Julian Castro1200/1+120000
John Kasich350/1+35000
Michael Bloomberg17/1+1700
Hillary Clinton33/1+3300
Nikki Haley80/1+8000
Marianne Williamson1200/1+120000

Gender of next US President?
Fractional American

US Presidential Election 2020 - Democrat Candidate
Fractional American
Joe Biden14/5+280
Bernie Sanders9/2+450
Andrew Yang14/1+1400
Elizabeth Warren7/2+350
Amy Klobuchar40/1+4000
Cory Booker100/1+10000
Tulsi Gabbard45/1+4500
Julian Castro125/1+12500
Pete Buttigieg3/1+300
Marianne Williamson150/1+15000
Hillary Clinton12/1+1200
Michael Bloomberg9/1+900

Gender of next Vice President?
Fractional American

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- Updated December 15, 2019 05:36:26
All odds are fixed odds prices.

2020 US Presidential Election - Winning Party
Fractional American
Democratic Party7/4+175
Republican Party2/5-250
Any Other Party55/1+5500

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